Hamedan 2018

In the second meeting of the Asian Dialogue Forum (ACD), which was held in Siem Reap town of Cambodia, the city of Hamedan was proposed as the capital of Asian tourism and approved by the members. This proposal was submitted to the ACD Assembly at the request of provincial authorities and due to the high tourism capacity of the province. Accordingly, Hamedan is the capital of Asian tourism in 2018 and hosts the tourism summit of Asian Cooperation Dialogue countries. The Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) organization is an international governmental organization founded on June 18, 2002. The main objectives of this organization are the development of international cooperation in Asia and the integration of organizations such as the Eurasian Economic Union, (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council, the Southeast Asian Nations Association and the South Asian Regional Cooperation Union.

Poster of Hamedan 2018

Hamedan Capital of Asian Tourism

The world’s largest water cave

Avicenna Mausoleum

The main idea of establishing an Asian union – The Asian Corporation Dialogue was first presented by the Prime Minister of Thailand. The Member States according to their programs, goals and policies can participate in each of the areas of cooperation. These areas will be different in various countries. The proposed projects of the members are intended to create cooperation backgrounds around the areas of which the most important are agriculture, energy, biotechnology, tourism, IT, electronics and finance, and Islamic Republic of Iran due to the targeting in the field of tourism and the movement towards the success of this industry in order to achieve sustainable development, had proposed suggestions in this regard to the Assembly. Generally, the content of the meetings of the Asian Dialogue Forum members has specific sections. These sections include the senior experts meeting, tourism ministers of the member states meeting, technical visits tour, sustainable tourism and historic cities expert panels, depending on each issue, representatives from member states will attend the event.

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